Volvo – 1st Workshop on Automatic Generation of Test Cases for Mechatronic Systems

Workshop: September 5, 13:00-16:00, Volvo Car Corporation

With the rapidly increasing complexity of the mechatronic systems in the automotive industry, it is very hard to reach a sufficient level of test coverage during software testing in different test environments. In near future, it will be almost impossible to only rely on manually generated test cases!

In this workshop, we will present the latest results that have been achieved by integrating new tools and methodologies in the software development chain at Vehicle Propulsion (electric drive, traction battery, charging and combustion engine), in an attempt to assist the test engineers by automatically generating test cases. We will also talk about the next steps in this area. Our ambition is to have a quite interactive session with a lot of questions and discussions. We hope that as many of you can participate from different areas in order to find synergies, exchange information and together drive this area forward.

Relevant target groups include, but are not limited to, software testers, software developers, requirement engineers, technical leaders, and managers.