Magic Tester – Automated testing in practice

SyTeC has now been part of introducing even more rigorous testing methods in industry. With collaboration in the research project TESTRON, the academically-developed MATLAB toolbox Breach is now being used at Volvo Car Corporation to automatically generate and run test vectors for hybrid and electric vehicle models at the Vehicle Propulsion department.

Above is a screenshot of the visualization tool provided for software testers, which easily gives access to statistics about the latest bugs found in the models, along with filtering options for any further information needed to fix the issues. The automatic tests run on a server around the clock and are done in early development phases to capture and fix bugs before these come even close to production code. Obviously, this significantly raises the confidence of the final implementations.

The accessibility of easy-to-understand visualization is paramount to spread more academic approaches to test engineers, which is why this development is considered great progress for TESTRON as well as SyTeC as a whole.