Seminar – Designing controllers for hybrid systems using TuLiP

Seminar: Monday, February 19, 9.00-11.00 in EL43

Speaker: Ioannis Filippidis

TuLiP is a collection of tools for designing controllers for hybrid systems from specifications in temporal logic. The tools take as input a description of the system dynamics, a labeling of the geometry of interest, and the desired behavior as temporal logic formulas that describe assumptions about the environment and guarantees to be ensured by control design. Systems with piecewise affine dynamics and environmental disturbances are supported, together with discrete-valued variables that represent the system itself and its environment.

This presentation will describe the tools available in TuLiP, the Python user interface, as well as an overview of the algorithms for computing abstractions of continuous dynamics and synthesizing controllers at the discrete layer that implement the given assume-guarantee temporal logic specifications, subject to the constraints originating from the continuous dynamics.